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Started by BoeBotBiller , Dec 31st 2018 18:01

BoeBotBiller - Dec 31st 2018 18:01

So I got an account here and I invited a friend.. then someone added her and said if she didn't talk to her it would mess up her life and track her ip. Wich he did. So then she deleted her account. This place is now a whole lot different and I'm almost thinking of leaving now... Has this happened before? Also, should we be worried????

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cakelovingNeko - Jan 22nd 2019 14:43

nothing that extreme, but as a girl, you run a huge risk of the perverts on this site...there are nice guys now and then, but even they can be d*cks

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maverick - Jan 30th 2019 21:59

Your friend has nothing to worry about. As long as they keep their information private and don't click on any funky links, things will be okay. Sorry to hear that they deleted their account though.

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