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Started by Agapimenos_Diavolos , Feb 13th 2023 00:59

Agapimenos_Diavolos - Feb 13th 2023 00:59

Death left humanity in the dust, so as humanity was in their current day rise, the lack of dying, aging, or anything, meant that the world almost collapsed, panic flooded the world, but because Death could not completely abandon their duties, they left in the world a special line of magic, flooding open the old ley line gates that had long since been sealed, the new energy caused almost emp like responses in technology, shorting a good chunk of it out. So when the people who were born imbued with the power of Death rose through their lives, and trained up their ability to close off a life, a few grew to try and force a life out, to try and aggressively snuff out as many lives as possible before the next waves of them came into being. Some of them tried a more gentle approach, going from town to town and finding people who were willing to flip off into their eternal slumber. The living will live eternally and regenerate time and time again until a priest, acolyte, or whatever you may call the imbued, put them to rest. Wars rage eternally in some areas, in others, it has ceased entirely as killing each other no longer makes sense. So, who will you be in this world where death can be bought, tricked, lied to, cheated, manipulated, or even, killed? Will you be a serial killer who has the power of death? Maybe a pacifist who has died more times than they have succeeded in their many attempts to persuade people into a peaceful life? Or maybe, just maybe, you will be one of the unfortunate who go insane as they waste away eternally in hunger that they can never satiate thanks to the growing population of the world?

If anyone is interested, and doesn't want to do this roleplay with a friend they already have, you are always allowed to come and chat with me! I love to write and would love to work on this world with someone ^^

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