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Started by albinotanuki , Jun 12th 2019 13:11

albinotanuki - Jun 12th 2019 13:11

The island of Sulani is a tropical paradise filled with beautiful flowers, island spirits, and mermaids. Here your sim can explore both in and outside the island and make new friends (even if they're dolphins).

Okay, most of what I know about The Sims 4 and the new Island Living expansion pack comes from watching Lets Plays, so forgive me for not being too knowledgeable; I just like the idea of playing as a Sim on a tropical island with mermaids. Anyone wanna join?

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Okami - Jun 13th 2019 12:49

Pssst... Sims 4 might still be free on the EA website, it's only the base game but you might want to grab it if it's still available. I don't know when the deal expires or if it has already though.

But yeah, a goofy slice of life where we play as characters who can't climb out of a pool without a ladder and inevitably drown sounds pretty fun. Would our dialogue have to be in Simlish or would we be able to write it in English?

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albinotanuki - Jun 13th 2019 12:52

I think we'll be able to write English for the dialogue.

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