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Started by ________ , Nov 14th 2019 04:01

________ - Nov 14th 2019 04:01

So there's this person, and he cannot understand sarcasm to a certain degree, and when ever he is serious about stuff people laugh, but whenever he tries to make a joke it is met with severe silence, and sometimes a slap to the face. This man who is totally not based of my personal experiences in life, *Cough Cough* Sarcasm *Cough and fake wheeze sounds leading to an actual cough* Anyway, this man of all of the professions he could have chosen, chose to become a writer and got hired to write a single joke, nevermind the fact that he sent money into a envelope and left it at the post office to get himself motivated, but forgot to label it return to sender. This man, this crazy man made it his life choice to try and become funny without having to be serious. This is his story which you can be a part of.

The Quest for God-Tier Comedy
Never Showing in a theater near you.

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________ - Feb 4th 2020 06:59

"So a man comes back to a city after a long time away, and speaks, 'Honey, I'm home, did you get your beauty rest?' To which the city replied, 'You know i'm an insomniac!' To which the man replies, 'I'll be back in town later then, you're not you when you're hungry.'"

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