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Started by JoyfulDemon01 , Oct 29th 2022 09:19

JoyfulDemon01 - Oct 29th 2022 09:19

The year is 2023, 3 years ago a disease spread throughout America and Europe, gifting 25% of the infected special powers, these humans came to be known as 'Delta Humans' or 'Deltas' by the public. the 75% of the infected that did not receive powers, would sadly meet a swift end to their lives. So far no cure to the abilities has been found, and Delta crime rises by the month, more and more people deciding to use their powers for ill.

Because of this, the governments of the world have come together and created a universal law, that any Delta activity in public is illegal, and in the worst case even punishable by death. Because of this, a lot of people have risen up and demanded Delta Human rights. Meanwhile, to prevent young Deltas from becoming criminals, NATO has banded together and created a new organisation. The OAF, also known as 'The Omnipotent Assault Force' was established.

Its purpose was to train young Delta Humans from ages 13-18 to become something more, something that would later be classed as a 'Delta Operative'. In other words, these teenagers were trained to become soldiers mankind had never seen before, with the purpose of bringing an end to all Delta related crimes around the world. This is where you come in.

You were infected around 2 years ago and received miraculous abilities some could only dream of. You were recruited into the OAF and have been training for around a year now. After one of your missions, you are the only survivor and return to the base alone, all that was left of your friends was their blood on your armour and their spirits in your memory.

After coming back you had a personal meeting with the General of the OAF. 'Skullface' as he was known was a tall man who always wore a gas mask with red lenses to hide his face. Nobody truly knows if he is a delta or not, because his powers have never been shown. Skullface explains to you that because of your outstanding results n the past few missions he will be promoting you to 'Squad Zero'

Anyone in the OAF would know of Squad Zero, they were the strongest squad on the force, sent in on the most dangerous missions ever, anyone would dream to get placed there, but you get the spot just like that? What will the future bring? Who are your squadmates? What's your first mission? Time will tell.


Liam Miller - Squad Leader - Power Level: Limits Unkown
Abilities: Metal Manipulation
Personality: Extroverted, Flirty, Joking.

Tony Cook - Second in Command - Power Level: 9
Abilities: Teleportation
Personality: Easily Hurt, Ruthless, Thoughtful.

Adam Ericson - Heavy Unit - Power Level: 8
Abilities: Kinetic Force Absorption
Personality: Driven, Humourless, Confident.

Ajax Park - Sharpshooter - Power Level: 9
Abilities: Perfect Accuracy
Personality: Quiet, Introverted, Shy.


Amber - Demolitionist - Power Level: 9
Abilities: Pyrokinesis
Personality: Outgoing, Extroverted, Flirty.

Taylor Ackerman - Scout/Infiltrator - Power Level: 8
Abilities: Shapeshifting
Personality: Quiet, Dark, Observant.

Alex Hartley - Support - Power Level: 9
Abilities: Mind Manipulation
Personality: Joking, Resourceful, Pessimistic.

Vera Orlova - Hacker - Power Level: 8
Abilities: Technology Manipulation
Personality: Clever, Adaptable, Claustrophobic.

Like always if you're interested just send me a request and pop me a DM so we can start discussing!

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alakazamlover4 - Nov 12th 2022 14:53

do i have to pick one of your provided characters, or can i make my own within your worlds rules?

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