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Started by tfbandersnatch , Nov 18th 2022 11:56

tfbandersnatch - Nov 18th 2022 11:56

I'm looking for someone to take on take on the role of Mina Harker as Van Helsing and the boys chase the Count across Europe. My take on the scene is that she's already becoming a vampire and her inhibitions are pretty much toast by now. But that would be for you to decide.

Our story will start in London, in October 1893. Van Helsing has just learned that Count Dracula has evaded his attempts to trap him and set sail to Varna -- a port on the Black Sea. By traveling across Europe on the Orient Express the professor thinks he can get ahead of the vampire lord and destroy him on the boat, where he is weak.

This will be a one-on-one play with you playing Mina and me playing everyone else. I am hoping for a spicy story with sexual encounters and many adventures along the way.

Let me know what you would like.

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