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Started by EmpressOfLight , Jun 21st 2021 12:47

EmpressOfLight - Jun 21st 2021 12:47

Does anyone want to do an RP set in the Terraria universe?

We'll go through the usual game progression, defeat the pre hardmode bosses until we make it to Wall of Flesh! but to make things fun, I'll limit this rp to only 4 people! And each person holds only 1 of the starter tools so we depend on each other until we manage to get resources so we can be interactive!

1 person holds the copper shortsword
Another holds the copper axe
Another for the pickaxe
And last one is like the wooden hammer maybe

We'll all be able to acquire the tools and weapons when the miner mines enough copper for all of us

Also, our characters shall be mediumcores
When we die our coins and items drop and we respawn with the three basic tools

Sound fun? Let's go!

Character Sheet :

Name -
Age -
Gender -
Personality -

Appearance(Photo can also be displayed):
Hair Style -
Hair Color -
Race -
Skin Color -
Height -
Weight -
Other -


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Red - Aug 4th 2021 21:14

Is this still open, i am really interested in it

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