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Started by JayceGirl , Sep 9th 2021 21:31

JayceGirl - Sep 9th 2021 21:31


We both work in the celebrity spotlights, working as famous (career of our choices). We’re forced together as a PR stunt to promote an upcoming Movie/Photoshoot/TV show. Our choice. We despise the idea of having to pretend to be together. However, things take a sudden turn as our feeling slowly change. Will we end up together or seperate for the good of us. That’s up to us to decide.

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JayceGirl - Sep 11th 2021 05:31

- Childhood best friends who run into each other
- Exes
- I'm your plug
- Bookstore
- At a drag race
- House party
- Hiking
- Dog park
- Door Dash / Grubhub
- Strip Club
- You're at your friends house for bookclub, I'm visiting her husband.
- Coworkers
- Boss / Assistant
- Repairman
- Fake boyfriend
- On a plane
- Carnival or Amusement park
- Cruise ship
- They live in the same apartment building (One is super loud)
- During a robbery

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