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Started by Lucario , May 3rd 2021 11:36

Lucario - May 3rd 2021 11:36

I don't know why but I had people message me when I first joined. Now after a week or so, nobody messages me/the people who I was talking to just go silent. Can I get some thought on this?

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ClassicRockCowboy - May 11th 2021 02:51

One possibility is that some of the people you were talking to got busy. Work/school maybe. Just a thought.

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Chelsey - Jul 15th 2021 14:40

I'm starting to get that, too. Hmm. Questions unanswered.

I settled on a roleplay format where now it's a story. I write it, partner reads it. I have to keep the story moving. If I dont, I'm just sitting here waiting. It works, so it's good.

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