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Started by Jabberwock , Aug 12th 2018 21:21

Jabberwock - Aug 12th 2018 21:21

Name: Jamie
Age 24
Occupation: Junker (formerly)
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Relatives: Junkrat (older brother)
Habits: Drinker, smoker.
Personality: Gets wild at parties, slightly unstable, crazy

Younger sister to Jamison Fawkes, Jamie has started a new life outside Junkertown; inside the walls of the overwatch base. Even away from home, she's still a junker at heart; crazy, deranged, and most of all, very attractive. She used to be a waitress and a piano player in the bar room of junkertown. She has taken home a very special souvenir from junkertown; it is a large, steel piano that was used in the bar room.

Edited Aug 15th 2018 23:19

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