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Started by Wizzy_Wizzard , Nov 27th 2017 18:00

Wizzy_Wizzard - Nov 27th 2017 18:00

the previous members of overwatch are now retired or dead, we are the next generation. members of an elite league of heroes ready to take on talon, omnics or whatever threat is thrown at us.

you must fit into overwatch lore is someway, use stolen winston tech, trained under soldier 76 or was on tracers plane and found years later etc.
Don't be overpowered
Romance is allowed but take *it* to dms
No Duplicates
Lore can be bent slightly to fit your character

Character Sheet:

Race: (human or omnic)
Position in lore: (who you trained under or stole from or something)
Robotic body parts: (optional)

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Wizzy_Wizzard - Nov 27th 2017 18:01

Name: William Morrison
Age: 19
Personality: William is your 'natural born leader' over confident and thinks he can do everything for himself. although he doesn't believe to be above anyone he thinks he can match them and fill almost any role.
Sexuality: Straight
Race: human
Position in lore: Hes soldier 76's grandson and the leader of the next generation
Weapons: Short-Sword (yes a melee weapon) and a buckler shield
Robotic body parts: Left Arm
Appearance: Image
Other: he doesn't like to rely on guns, the reload time would just slow him down

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Laura_ - Nov 27th 2017 19:34

Name: Laura (ローラ)
Age: 22
Personality: she can be a little obsessive sometime and if she doesn't like you you'll know. she absolutely loves video games and animals (she has a cute doggo named Apple) and if you are close to her she'll give her life for you.
Race: Human
Position in lore: She was the apprentice of Mercy and after the tragic death of her fellow ``master`` she was determined to take the place of the healer/scientist in Overwatch (wich she did)
Weapons: healing staff (Mercy's but better), revolver
Robotic body parts: her left leg that she lost in an explosion in her home country, Japan
Appearance: she has long,light blue/green hair, tight black top and black leggings. also, most of the time, she has a bulletproof jacket over her top. she also has a wing tattoo in her neck
Other: she goes nowhere (excluding missions) without her dog, Apple a 2 y/o German shepherd. she also stay up late at night to play video games or to read a book. also, she is afraid to say it, as a fellow Japanese, but she ADORES supermarket ramen.
(I tried to put a picture but it didn't work)

Edited Nov 27th 2017 19:40

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Wizzy_Wizzard - Nov 30th 2017 10:53

(im currently just waiting for an extra person to join)

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Laura_ - Nov 30th 2017 17:39

(okk good!)

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Samoan_Prince24 - Nov 30th 2017 19:23

Name: Manu
Age: 22
Personality: He is very quiet and hangs around in the dark. He isn't very talkative unless talked to. He was a very nice guy once you got to know him. He was just scary to anyone who gave him a first glance. Hes more of a lone wolf but doesn't mind being in groups if need be.
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Human
Position in lore: He trained under his father, Reaper. ( Reyes). His father trained him to be a skilled assassin and to take sh*t from no one. He knows how to kill anymore in one fatal swoop.
Weapons: Machete and His fathers double pistols handed down to him.
Appearance: He is Tall, Muscular and light skinned. He has short black hair and piercing blue eyes. His lower part of his face covered by a black bandanna and he wears his father cloak. He wears a dark chest armor and black pants with combat boots.
other: He loves his fathers pistols. He lets no one use or touch them.

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Wizzy_Wizzard - Dec 1st 2017 16:41

(accepted although, i have no idea how to start this off)

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Samoan_Prince24 - Dec 1st 2017 19:07

( It could be our first mission as the next generation.????)

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Laura_ - Dec 1st 2017 20:25

( or like the first time they meet? and we could continue with like missions and everything?)

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Samoan_Prince24 - Dec 1st 2017 20:26

( That sounds pretty good. Like they all get acquainted and meet each other. ^)

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