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Started by Jakel456 , Oct 13th 2021 15:43

Jakel456 - Oct 13th 2021 15:43

Hello everyone! I hope you're all doing well. Today I'd like to pitch two seperate ideas for romantic vampire roleplays.

The basic synopsis for the first roleplay is this: My character left his home town suddenly after graduating and now has returned years later in hopes of living out a somewhat normal life. Why did he leave you ask? Well, in the days after graduation he was turned. Since then he's been on the run for years from hunters.

I'd like to start this roleplay off with the first day of him moving back home. You're welcome to play a new character that he just meets upon returning however I believe it might be a bit more interesting to have you play someone he's know for years, someone who wonders where he's been.

The second roleplay involves you playing as the vampire instead! (Well, at least in the beginning)
My idea for this one would be you playing an older and more experienced vampire. A woman who has been around for the longest time and has grown bored and lonely. One evening, while out somewhere she stumbles across my character; a younger man in his late twenties or so who catches her attention. She introduces herself and after their meeting he is entranced immediately by her and eventually a romance ensues around the two.

This one I feel would be perfect for maybe a period roleplay, taking place in perhaps victorian times or maybe the twenties. She could be a rich and lonely widow that lives alone in a large mansion (very dracula-esque) or maybe a woman who has become a flapper girl in a speakeasy simply for her own entertainment. Completely up to your own imagination! :)

I'd also like to include a lot of action and fantasy elements if possible. Sure I love playing the normal slice of life romance roleplays but it would be a lot of fun to throw in some vampire/werewolf hunters and other dangerous roadblocks along the way. I also LOVE drama. The more the better, and I'm always completely open to any and all ideas so whatever you can think of go ahead and pitch it!

If you're interested in this at all please go ahead and send me a private message or chat :) I hope to hear from you soon!

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