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Started by Hila , Apr 16th 2019 06:05

Hila - Apr 16th 2019 06:05

Hello fellow roleplay addicts!

I played for such a long time and I still know I can improve more. When you’re a person who knows about his flaws and keeps on reflecting on them to create an enjoyable story, please add me.

My OC's are all different and have negative traits. I try to make those clear in the beginning, as I plan on developing my characters. I think about traits suited for our story and your OC, so interaction becomes natural and interesting. You should be able to handle characters that can get bratty or tactless at times. Don’t tell me everything about your OC and add details, NPCs and sub stories as well.

After playing all genre I grew to love odd characters in fantasy settings and historical stuff.

Communication is so so important. I’m not interested in any flash in the pan, so please always be honest with me and tell me when you’re stuck with something. It does happen to the best players and there is no rudeness or shame in speaking up :)

Edited Apr 16th 2019 06:05

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JahBee - Apr 16th 2019 21:38

I am so interested in this. I love fantasy and historical stuff and how you seem to roleplay is very similar to how I like to roleplay. I would very much like to roleplay with you! :)

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