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Forum > Out of Character > Looking for people who haven't abandon roleplayME

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Started by MelatoninStars , Aug 15th 2020 01:24

MelatoninStars - Aug 15th 2020 01:24

Is anyone out there? Everyone in my friends list has left the app or is beating around the bush with nothing left but casual status updates, usually about wanting to f*** your own OCs or something.

Cool guy, if you're out there and we haven't fist bumped yet, come hyther. Lets talk about any old random thing. And if you aren't a watt-thot, maybe we'll even rp eventually too.

Reasons you'd want me as a friend.
1. I like to listen.
1 1/2. My heart is big.
2. I don't spam or act weird if you fade away from me.
3. Do to my lack of sharing personal info, you can lay any speculation of a persona on me.
4. I haven't totally fallen apart yet.
5. I can share recipes and holistic knowledge on command.
6. I don't know who I entirely am anymore, wich makes hanging out with me like a fun mystery solving party game with many twists and turns.
7. You won't need to act like my therapist.

Yes I do cry on a regular basis now, but you'll never know because we'll be texting only anyway, so win win. Oh sh*t. I've said too much.

Note: This post is supposed to be held for comical intentions.

Heart this

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