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Started by superchick , Aug 1st 2020 23:51

superchick - Aug 1st 2020 23:51

Hey there! I am the owner of a supernatural discord Roleplaying group. We have our Castiel, Dean, and Crowley, now we are looking for a Sammy!

If you’re interested but worried about all the RolePlaying work you’d have to put in, no need to worry about the roleplay being all on you. We are all here to actively contribute to the story, your character's parts are the same as us all. Since this isn’t the TV show, the storyline will be grown and played equally out by all of us. You will still have to type your scenes and interact with characters no matter what role you have. Your characters will not be the stars of the game unless you decide to be always on the server and constantly posting, which of course is not a realistic requirement.

You can pick from any available character that is alive past season 4, any characters that were introduced season 1-4 are the only characters known, we can chose who we want to introduce that are from further seasons.
⤍ We will be creating hunting trips of our own.
⤍ Building relationships negative or positive with canon and OC characters.
⤍ Writing our own story with our own plot ideas.
⤍ Channels for private and/or N*FW scenes.
⤍ Creative abilities when it comes to making your own creatures, characters, and hunting situations.

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