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Forum > Introductions > I'm new here, any good RPs?

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Started by Jawbreaker , Jun 11th 2017 11:32

Jawbreaker - Jun 11th 2017 11:32

Hey! I'm Jawbreaker but you can call me Jaws if you wish. I'm new to this website but have previous roleplay experience. I only roleplay with OCs, so I need a rp partner that does too. I'm typically down for most any genre of rp except fandom-based stuff. Most of my OCs are human or humanoid and I have no special preference on whether I use a male or female OC. The main reason I enjoy roleplaying is because I love creative writing and writing in general, so I like to write at least a small paragraph and want an rp partner that does too. Also, I would prefer an rp partner that uses grammar, correct spelling, etc. though it doesn't have to be perfect.
Please respond if you're interested in rping with me!

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MonaRose - Sep 14th 2018 06:17

I have a few rp i done and loved maybe I can share some with you ^.^

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RojoTiger - Sep 27th 2018 19:47

It sounds like we have a lot of similar interests and standards as far as RP. And we have badass names, I’m Tiger. Rojo is Español for red.

I have a transhuman idea I want to do, it involves space flight, isolation to a point, problem solving and is pretty creative. I like a to collaborate and keep it kind of equal as far as contributing you know, it seems like a lot of RP threads end up with someone being more Beta and responsive rather than being as actively engaged as I’d like but maybe that’s just how it goes...?

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