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Forum > Help and Support > How to know if someone has blocked me?

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Started by Writ3rGorl , Jul 27th 2020 15:52

Writ3rGorl - Jul 27th 2020 15:52

I was Rping with someone but now when i try to find their profile aparantly it cannot find their profile
Help plzzz!!!!

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AbsoluteDespair - Aug 14th 2020 17:21

If you have been blocked, the conversation you both had will still be there, but their profile picture will be a question mark.
If you disconnect from your account and try to find their profile and you actually find it and it shows their normal profile picture, it means they have blocked you.

If your conversation with them has totally disappeared... it means they have either deleted their account, or have been banned. Since you can't find their profile... They mostly got banned or deleted.

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Writ3rGorl - Aug 14th 2020 17:22

Thank you

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