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Forum > Out of Character > How to keep the creative flame going?

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Started by MelatoninStars , Jul 10th 2020 16:50

MelatoninStars - Jul 10th 2020 16:50

Outsider artist here. Before this whole pandemic, I was on the top of my game via creating art and dig projects and what not. But now that so much I used to be in touch with, like festicals and other events of my making, is postponed by lockdowns. Some of my biggest projects were even collaboratives with other public artists. Don't get me wrong, I've never had trouble showing and selling my work online and through mail, but being forced to go digital really made me feel spiritually castrated, and it's getting really hard to find the motivation to work at the studio anymore. Any tips on how to fall back in love again with the arts and pull myself together? I know theres a flame still going deep down inside, but don't have the competence to find it.

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TheGuyNextDoor - Jul 17th 2020 07:41

I know exactly how you feel. I'm a writer, and usually have no problem writing page after page. However ever since Corona had shut down a lot of my life, it's been harder for me to write. Sh*t, even writing this is kinda killing my motivation. What I've found works best for creativity is: Take moments and just stop. For a day or two, just smell the roses. Sure you can't do festivals or meet up and party; However you can see some dope sights. Get your imagination going by watching old movies or rereading old rps or books. Take this time to step back. Look back at what improvements you've made, and what you could still stand to improve on.

Or maybe I'm just an idiot. Please, don't mind me!

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