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Started by theWorst_of_ThemAll , Mar 5th 2019 00:34

theWorst_of_ThemAll - Mar 5th 2019 00:34

HI I'm new to and I have no idea what the hell I'm doing but I'll figure it out. Anyway, I'd like it if y'all could call me Amber. If you want to make up names for me, go ahead lol. I would like to be referred to as she/her/spawnling of hell.

Ajdfndfhbmhfjdodfvrgvdj mkay I've been roleplaying about a year? Pfft, I don't even know but I'm semi-literal and I try to do good quality writing. I like me some roleplays that are fantasy, gore, medieval, gore, human, gore and more gore. It doesn't have to have gore but if it's medieval pls expect my character to get shot by at least one arrow, maybe some stabbing idk.

Once I figure this site out Imma start roleplaying but until then my Discord is fetus deletus yeetus#9075. Just saying but I might not accept your roleplay request if I have too many going. I hate it when I get inactive and I feel bad.

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Benji099 - Apr 11th 2019 11:17

Hi! I know this post is a little old but welcome and i'm open to rp.

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