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Forum > Crime > Hannibal roleplay [MxM]

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Started by BeckRoleplay , Oct 16th 2022 12:55

BeckRoleplay - Oct 16th 2022 12:55

Hi there! To keep it short and simple- I'm m18, and I'm currently looking for a (MxM) Hannibal roleplay. Specifically the series instead of books, mostly cause i haven't read them yet ahah- You don't need to be super updated on it ofcourse, we can always stray away a little from Canon.

I'd want to focus on Will Graham and Hannibal's relationship, rather that be throught the actual events of the show (or inspired by it), or If you'd prefer to create a sort of AU from the ending. I'd prefer to play as Will and besides that I don't particularly think I have any strong ideas, "rules", etc.
Discord is also preffered im down to play stuff out here beforehand :)

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