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Forum > Video Game > Funtime Freddy x OC? [FNAF]

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Started by Doll-Eyes , Sep 5th 2018 21:54

Doll-Eyes - Sep 5th 2018 21:54

Okay, I know what you're thinking. "FNaF? Really? How annoying. That fanbase should die."

I get it, but I just really want to do something related to one of my biggest interests. A Funtime Freddy x OC roleplay to be exact. It would be MxF as well since that's what I'm comfortable with and my character is female.

I want it to be a slow burn romance meaning it won't happen immediately. I prefer to watch as the relationship grows over time. It makes it feel more realistic.

Please reply and add me if interested! We can discuss more details then! ^v^

Edited Sep 5th 2018 21:57

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