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Started by TAEDOLL , Jan 30th 2019 10:31

maverick - Jan 30th 2019 21:56

There's no markup language on this site nor is there any BBCode. How people achieve this is by using a generator.

Here's a few to get you started:

Bold -

Underline -

Strike-through -

Take whatever these generators... generate and copy and paste them into your profile.

Edited Jan 30th 2019 22:01

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maverick - Jan 31st 2019 03:34

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. In about me profiles, sometimes to bold words, sometimes they put in a ( https:// ) in front of that word.

So on your profile, just put in a https:// [what you'd like to bold]. If it's a sentence you'd need to add https:// to each word.

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maverick - Jan 31st 2019 11:05

I'm not too fancy when it comes to my profiles, you see, but I think that's a matter of spacing things in your about me. I could be wrong though.

Consider using generators like this?

You're gonna need to experiment.

Edited Feb 1st 2019 00:15

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