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Started by Ragdoll , Jan 12th 2018 12:18

Ragdoll - Jan 12th 2018 12:18

In the world of fnaf you can choose to be a guard or Animatronic. Or you can be bot, but then you need to have 2 characters. If there is no guard, no problem. There will be a guard randomly generated. There will be a map of the place and I show it to you immediatly. Rules:

Rule 1: Respect each other.
Rule 2: If you are guard, don't destroy animatronics
Rule 3: If you are a animatronic, and, let's say there is a player who is a guard. He will decide if he wants to be killed or not.
Rule 4: Have FUN

Character sheet for guard:
Age: (16+)
Favourite animatronic: (If his favourite animatronic is me, I will attack less) (Only 1 fav)
Skill: (If fast then he will close the doors more fastly, if Good eyesight he will see the animatronics EVEN if they are hidden etc)
Job arrivment: (The time he arrives at his job)
Bio: (Keep it short)

Animatronic CS:
Sexuality: (optional)
Description: (A picture. If you don't have one, describe it)

Edited Jan 12th 2018 12:24

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Ragdoll - Jan 12th 2018 12:20

The map of the pizzaria

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Ragdoll - Jan 12th 2018 12:22

Name: Tartirom
Type: Puppet animatronic
Race: Clown
Sexuality: Straight
Description: He is in a box in the main hall, in a corner, next to the toilets. When it's too much light in the pizzaria at night, he comes out to attack the guard. Other animatronics can help to turn on the light from the generator. To stop him, the guard needs to shut down the light in the office INSTANTLY

Edited Jan 12th 2018 12:23

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TheShadowPuppet - Nov 30th 2018 22:58


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demolition-s199 - Apr 28th 2019 11:07

Sup you still up to this because im am.

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