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Started by Jacky138 , Nov 13th 2018 10:39

Jacky138 - Nov 13th 2018 10:39

Its been 213 years since the Great War that destroyed the world civilization. Yet, Life finds a way.

The chaos in the past decade across the wasteland had been died down for a while thanks to the action of two individual: The Courier in the West Coast and The Sole Survivor in the East.

The Caesar's Legion seize control of the Hoover Dam since the battle decade ago, Caesar reign upon Mojave as Emperor; the NCR, suffered a major blow after the battle, retreat west to regroup and regain strength in the past decade, it would seems like another battle between the two faction would be unavoidable in the foreseeable future.

It's been three years since the Institute wiped out both BoS and the Railroad. Reign as the sole dominate force in the wasteland, the Institute continues to advance their synthetic human technology, hoping to one day replace the wastelander population on the ground and recreate food chain in the past, in creating the improved human race, the Institute aim to create long lasting peace, where justice and equality will be a virtue, to create a man made paradise for Adams and Eves.

-No God Modding

-Using non- canon assets from mods are allowed. Bring in your AK-47 and personal jetpack, have fun!

-You can create your own faction. However, for any faction that contains more than 30 members, that will need to be agreed upon by at least 5 members in the RP. You don't create a "Confederate State of Texas" in a heartbeat.

-Do not kill other people's character unless you are permitted to do so, or that player had been AFK for more than a week.

--Character Sheet--
Appearance: (pic or description)

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Okami - Nov 23rd 2018 09:12

((Here’s my grumpy ghoul cinnamon roll!))

Name: Izaak

Age: He appears 14 or so

Faction: N/A

Hometown: N/A

Occupation: Freelancing tech guy, need work done on a turret? Ask him, need a hacker? Once again, ask him.

Skills: I was going to actually provide his SPECIAL stats and his perks but thought against it. Izaak is surprisingly skilled with technology, he doesn’t remember ever learning how to hack or repair stuff but he has the muscle memory. When fully dressed he seems like a helpless child so he can use his foe’s underestimation to his advantage.

Biography: Life prior to what he calls "The Goodfellow Incident" is a haze for Izaak, he doesn't remember anything aside from a woman he believes may have been his mother, an aunt perhaps, and cousins. Faces and voices are blury so he can't even figure out what species they were, if they even were real in the first place and not the result of serious brain damage.

Izaak's real life starts waking up, that's how pretty much everyone's life starts. You open your eyes and you're not a baby anymore, you're sapient. He woke up in a little shack with a huge headache and a pain in his right arm. He had fallen off a cliff and hit his head according to the man who was in the shack with him. The guy appeared human but there was something about his eyes and the way he moved that seemed not of this world. He called himself Goodfellow and explained that he found Izaak crumpled at the base of a cliff bleeding from several wounds all over his body and... Well his hand.

Goodfellow provided Izaak with some medical supplies, a change of clothing, and an incantation that, according to Goodfellow, would help Izaak if used during his darkest hour. Then he walked out the door and was out of site by the time Izaak limped over to follow him. Izaak tried saying the phrase once, after being attacked by feral dogs, but nothing happened.

Now Izaak is on his own, acting as a hired hand for any person that has run into technological trouble, be it by robots or glitches in computers and are willing to pay.

Appearance: Izaak isn't really all that special, he's a ghoul so he looks like a mummified bleached burn victim with bloodshot blue eyes. Izaak’s left hand has been heavily mutated, it resembles a deathclaw’s hand more than anything that belonged to a human. Dark brown and smooth, this hand is larger than Izaak’s right hand and the massive claws at the end of each digit makes it impossible to use it for finer tasks. It’s a good weapon though, he uses it more than the magnum he keeps at his waist (magnum bullets are a pain to find so it’s only for intimidation or emergencies). The most shocking thing about Izaak (aside from his horrible mutant hand) is his hair, he's actually been able to keep it though whatever color his shaggy mane once hand has bleached away to white, it stopped growing as well so if he were to lose it it would stay gone. Because of that Izaak does not like people touching his head. He's a little small compared to average 14 year olds making him seem even younger, perhaps like 10. This makes it really shocking to hear such a deadpan voice come out of him. Izaak's skin his more sensitive to light so he tends to cover his entire body, he can't wear much armor as nothing was designed for a kid his size, he honestly can't wear anything special. There's not a lot out there so he wears a homemade brown hooded cloak that reaches his knees and some assorted comfortable dark clothing under it, his mutated hand is hidden under it, only coming out if he feels comfortable with the people around him or he needs to defend himself.. A red bandanna covers his lower face and goggles cover his eyes.

Quote: “I tried taking chems once, to alleviate my boredom. They just made me feel super paranoid and gave me a headache. Why do people like them so much?”

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Jacky138 - Nov 23rd 2018 11:13


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Jacky138 - Nov 24th 2018 00:52

(Well, seeing that nobody is joining I guess we’ll have to do this on our own, lol)

Edited Nov 24th 2018 00:53

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SomeOrdinaryGuy - Nov 24th 2018 03:06

Name: Michael Malloy

Age: 31

Faction: Ex Brotherhood of steel
(Used to be apart of the BOS)

Hometown: Sanctuary Hills

Occupation: Michael is an mercenary, mostly he doesn't give a crap what he does, as long the job is at the right price, he'll do it

Skills: Michael is skilled at using shotguns, advanced weaponry (Minigun, Laser and explosions) and blunt objects, despite though, he is only charismatic at persuading for money and lower prices, he's not good at diplomacy stuff, he has a great sense of perception, short to medium, he's okay at long, Michael is not that smart however, if your a hacker, he will think that you are literary a rocket scientist, but he's not dumb enough to know when someone is sarcastically lying, and his strength is above average.

Biography: Michael was born in the capital wasteland, around 2259, he lived in a crappy farm with his parents, his parents used shotguns, which is how he learned to use a shotgun, at the age of 8, his parents were killed by mutants, but in the Nick of time, he was saved by the brotherhood of steel, who inspired him to join them at the age of 11 as a squire.
After an mysterious man released the water of life in late 2277, Michael stayed in the brotherhood of steel until they wiped the enclave off the capital wasteland, he left the brotherhood at the age of 20 and went with an caravan, traveling to the Mojave Desert in 2281.
The Mojave desert was where Michael started his mercenary life, his mercenary life was usually protecting caravans until they left the Mojave, and a few hitman jobs, Michael being a mercenary gave interest in the NCR to recruit him, while he declined, he was hired to fight against the legion at Hoover dam, after the NCR lost to the Legion, Michael Fled and traveled East
Michael settled down at the commonwealth, in diamond city, still serving as a Mercenary, his jobs usually were about killing possible "synths" and raiders, eventually one night when looking at the sky, he was a blimp, the blimp was the Prydwen, and surprisingly, it was the brotherhood of steel. Michael went to the prydwen to join, but to see that their intentions had changed for the worse, Michael did not join the BOS, even if his former allies wanted him to
After the war on the institute, Michael felt remorse after seeing the Prydwen going down and the BOS as well, but after a month, he didn't care and went to settle in a place named Sanctuary hills, he is still a Mercenary afterwords, but most of his jobs include with helping the minutemen.

(If bio is too long)
Tldr; Guy lives in wasteland, parents die, joins BOS, leaves after Enclave are wiped out, fights at Hoover dam with the ncr, leaves Desert, goes to Commonwealth and is now sad that his former allies are dead and he now lives in sanctuary hill as a Mercenary

Appearance: I don't really care how he looks like, and I certainly don't wanna type it in, you can imagine your own perspective

Edited Nov 24th 2018 03:07

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Jacky138 - Nov 24th 2018 03:46


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SomeOrdinaryGuy - Nov 24th 2018 03:48

(So when are we gonna start?)

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Jacky138 - Nov 24th 2018 10:20

(Just three guys including me at this point, I think I could wait for one more participant. I’m gonna be a communist ghoul just for fun :p

Name: Ao Fengshan (nickname Albert)
Age: 257
Faction: PLAN (formerly)
Hometown: Chengdu, Sichung China
Occupation: Colonel Commissar (formerly) Scavenger
Skills: Guns, Repair, Speech
Biography: After graduated from Dalian Naval Academy, Ao joined the Chinese Slient Service at the year 2055. He served in the Chinese Navy with distinction for years, seen by his superiors as an outstanding submarine officer and a firm believer of the communistic ideal. At the year 2064, already a Colonel, Ao was assigned to Zao’s boat Yangtze-31 as commissar (Unlike the Soviets, the communist Chinese military constantly had a diarchy system with the commissar and the commander at the same rank in the unit). The two had become fast friends, tho the captain and the commissar sometimes had their disagreements, they seems to have a tacit understanding of each other. The Sino-American War broke out in 2066, Yangtze-31 along with a portion of Chinese submarine force was assigned to patrol US West Coast, perform commerce raiding against American merchant shipping in an effort to cripple the US supply lines from their homeland to Alaska, it proves so successful that later the US was forced to annex Canada to continue fighting the war. When the submarine runs low on supply, they would surface the boat to seize American goods as well. (Which explains the nuka cola on board). The boat had 22 war patrols, sunk over 216,000 tonnes of merchant shipping before 23rd October 2077. After order was given to launch the nuclear missiles on board, the Yangtze-31 did as ordered before she strucked a mine, but the crew managed to stranded the boat in shallow water. As the submarine was disabled, Ao decided that he would abandon the boat and continue the fight against American capitalist on land, while Zao decided that he would await further order in the submarine. The two part ways and never saw each other again. On the surface, Ao was transformed into ghoul as an result of radiation exposure, seeing that the US was destroyed by nuclear fire, Ao took the fight against the remnants of the former US, which are the BoS and the Enclave, he saw the NCR as his enemy as well. He rendezvoused with the Mama Dolce's Chinese renmant in the capital wasteland and stayed with them for a while before he decided to go in his own way. In his time wandering the waste, he learned some basic English and heard that there were another group of Chinese submarine survivors resided in San Francisco known as Shi, he baffled why they would pick such a strange name for their organisation, but he wants to go and meet his countryman nonetheless, the journey across post nuclear apocalypse USA would be long and fraught with difficulty. Rumor had that he was once captured by Super Mutant, but he managed to not only survive, but turns the Super Mutant into communist as well.
Appearance: (pre-war. His uniform is now a lot dirtier and he became a ghoul)

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Okami - Nov 24th 2018 10:50

((A grouchy old man in a child’s body, a sad ex BoS, and a Commie. This’ll be fun. If need be I have another character I can add, a chem addict who, if she lived in our time, would respond to every question of why she did something with “for the Vine”.))

Edited Nov 24th 2018 11:06

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Jacky138 - Nov 24th 2018 12:06

(I have this mod that changes all the synth armor into imperial stormtrooper armor. i think this is pretty neat compare to the original. what do you guys think? imperial stormtroopers walk around the wasteland? or shall we just stick to the original?)

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