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Started by Nixseo , Jul 3rd 2021 14:27

Nixseo - Jul 3rd 2021 14:27

Phoenix is solely a boy who cares too little, yet too much. Similar to any teen, he yearns to create memories, mess up, and build eternal ties with other souls. The only circumstance that hinders this is his blood. Having parents running a company worth millions, means a stack of expectations on the boy. He lives on his own, in a multimillion-dollar house; paid for by his parents of course. Though living by yourself gets lonely and regularly working grows frustrating, the teen getting ready to take over the family business needs a full-time assistant to quite simply, do the sh*t he doesn't want to do. Additionally, an all-inclusive, fully covered, business trip to Bali would be tedious to attend alone, so, come along.

- This is a plot idea
- Please, no one-liners
- Potential romance and N$FW - Not instant
- Any model/character

Edited Jul 3rd 2021 14:38

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