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Started by Condonableactions , Mar 14th 2021 22:06

Condonableactions - Mar 14th 2021 22:06

Looking for a roleplay partner that would be interested in a dark plot that involves murder/triggering elements that can be based from anywhere from modern era to historical times (quite flexible and open to ideas). I would love to the main basis of the plot to be around our characters being enemies. Whether that involves them hating each other because of a traumatic event (murder/rape/ manipulation) or even just something as basic as one of them cheated in the past. I just require the plot involve some dark element (whatever you are comfortable with).

Gaslighting is encouraged.

Male characters preferred but certainly not required.

Spicy elements(NsFw) also not required but I am open to the possibility.

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Riya - Apr 19th 2021 10:20

sounds interesting. open to playing male character with dark undertones, rest when we talk. look me up if interested

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