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Started by CrimsonStorm , Mar 8th 2018 15:07

CrimsonStorm - Mar 8th 2018 15:07

Anyone up for rping an Elder Scrolls game?
Know Skyrim, and Oblivion best, but I've also started playing Morrowind, and Daggerfall. Also Arena, but I highly, highly doubt anyone would talk about it.
It can be pretty much anything, can have romance, or not, can be straight up AU, or cross over. The only thing I can't promise to be able to do well is ships, I don't tend to rp ships between cannon characters but if I like the ship I can try.

If your up for it, PM me, I prefer 1x1, or just gather here and rp in the topic as a group, I don't care either way.

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MerQueen - Mar 15th 2018 02:39

I would love to RP Elder Scrolls any scenario is fine with me

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Character - Aug 1st 2018 23:10

Hey! If you're still interest we can still do it :) We can do a Pre-Oblivion Crisis, Mid-Skyrim, even Morrowind woud be cool, anything really.

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Takuto_Karikuchi - Aug 4th 2018 06:45

Wanna do a Skyrim rp Boi...

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Character - Aug 24th 2018 00:06

Me too! Pm me

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