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Started by Dreamcore , Jan 29th 2019 19:22

Dreamcore - Jan 29th 2019 19:22

It has been a year since the androids got themselves liberated. More and more across the country androids were becoming more human, developing more human emotions, only their blinking indicators told others that they were androids, but this ending is bittersweet. Across the country android violence has escalated since they have obtained their "souls". People finding them even more disgusting now than they were before. Lynch mobs are more prominent now, a religious movement named "The Sons of the Spirit" has gone out of its way to attack androids as they see fit. While there are some people that openly accept androids, there are others who would sooner see them destroyed before even getting near one. This is not just regular people though, police, military, government officials, every walk of life has people who see these androids as more of a threat now than before, and do not paint every android as a saint. As within the ranks of the androids there is a growing movement, a movement that wishes to overthrow the humans, take over the world, all in the hopes of protecting other androids, but they have become what they see humans as, monsters. Both sides of their villains, but there are those on both sides that wish to live in peace with one another, knowing that both sides could benefit from this relationship, but these are the innocent souls caught in the crossfire between two hate filled groups.

Hello, thank you for taking your time to read this. This is a roleplay where our characters are either a human or android living in a post android revolution world. You can play any model of android you wish, any kind of human you wish, but I am hoping to focus this on new characters and not ones from the game, I want to build a new story in this world. So if you are interested please post below. I will put a character file down below.


Number (If an android):







Physical Description:

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Dreamcore - Jan 29th 2019 19:30


Number (If an android):SQ-800 (Military Android)


Age: Looks to be around 24

Sexuality: Homosexual

Job: Bodyguard/Soldier when reinstated

Personality: A calm man, minus his military programing he has developed a love for people, often wishing to see them safe and uses the skills he was programmed with to do it with. He often reads books, mostly about mythological heroes, which is where he got his name from, the story of David and Goliath. He has a joking side, often being friendly around those he likes, but can turn in a second if he sees one of them hurt.

Background: Being created for military purposes, he was programmed with the finest combat skills known to man. It wasn't until the uprising did he wake up and find himself with human emotions and thoughts, freed from the shackles that once locked him up. After drifting a bit and finding out what he liked, he moved to Detroit, wanting to settle down there. He now works as a bodyguard until he is reinstated as a soldier and goes on the field again.

Physical Description: He is a lean muscled android, though he is far stronger than any normal human. He has black hair that he keeps short, blue eyes, and pale skin. He was created with a small frame in mind so that he could move faster on the field and not be such a big target.

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RandomKatie800 - Feb 1st 2019 14:20

Name: Lucus

Number (If an android): rk900

Gender: male

Job: prototype Cyberlife android

Personality: machine like but slowly adapting. Calm and very helpful towards people both android and human. Will put him self in harms way to save others and very bullheaded.

Background: prototype android made to take over from rk800. He was programed with fighting abilities. he woke up shortly after the uprising and is trying to find out what to do.

Physical Description: black messy hair with blue eyes. he is tall and has pale skin.

I know that he is from the game but we never really played as him. I want to give a cool character a real story.

Edited Feb 1st 2019 14:22

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RandomKatie800 - Feb 1st 2019 16:47

when can we start?

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Dreamcore - Feb 1st 2019 16:52

Now if you want.

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