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Started by Yuki , Oct 8th 2019 21:30

Yuki - Oct 8th 2019 21:30

Looking to do a dc based roleplay, canon x oc with one of the robins.
I can double up and play a canon character for your oc also!

Please be semi-lit or above,
Have some knowledge of DC,
Be able to write in third person,
Please don’t just sent replies only about your oc, If we double up I want a bit of effort from you too
Be willing to work together with me on ideas.

Message or comment if you have any questions or interest in roleplaying

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ImNotCrazy - Oct 21st 2019 22:23

I’ll play either Tim, D*ck, or Jason. Not Damian though, not really interested in his character. XD

Edited Oct 21st 2019 22:27

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ImNotCrazy - Oct 21st 2019 22:24

Not sure why his name is (***)’ed out but whatever...

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