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Started by Shadey , Dec 12th 2015 14:46

Shadey - Dec 12th 2015 14:46

Walking along the path on your way home. Listening to the night crisp air as you do, hearing the sound of crickets bats and other noises you would normally hear in a marshy area. Grateful that your home wasn't to far from work.
It was a good day you thought to yourself. No hassle or problem came by at work today and your friend Collin even stopped by on his lunch break to say hi to you at work. Your friend even offered you a beer but declined knowing your not allowed to drink on the job, and your boss was pretty tight about that rule being obeyed. Yep it was a good day.
Finally when you get home your porch light was on. Meaning someone had just been there recently since the lights were automatic. Though looking around there wasn't any vehicles besides your own in the driveway and unless someone walked the quickest way to leave, would be the path you were walking or a back way through some trees which led to a park.
Thinking through the list of people you knew that would come to your house.

There was your land owner who rarely ever came by unless you were late on rent.
Collin of course who cane by often enough to be your roommate.
A few of your other friends, from work maybe. You think to yourself as you rifle through earlier jeys to unlock the door to get inside. Hell it could have been your parents. You think when your foot brushes up against something you hadn't noticed earlier.
Looking down and see a crudely done package wrapped up with paper and a plastic bag. Picking it up, you note that it is fairly heavy holding it with one arm as you find the right key and finally slide it into the lock to enter your home.

Stepping into your home you hang up your keys and kicking your shoes off to the side you walk into your kitchen down the hall from the entrance to your right. Setting the package down on the island across from your fridge and oven were they were located and grabs a drink and some leftovers from the night before. Throwing what you had into the microwave to heat up for a few minutes, taking a few gulps of your drink as you wait.
Looking back over to the package he found on his front step after a brief pause. You set the drink in your hand down on the counter by the microwave and approach the package taking off the wrapper, it reveals that it was a black box with a chain wrapped tightly around it with a lock centered and in place with a note in a poorly done scrawl making it difficult to read. After a a moment you put together what the note said.
"I couldn't get rid of it. It always comes back. So whatever you do don't open it. Just get rid of it destroy it. Bury it."
Turning it over to see if there was more, but there wasn't anything that was it
Dropping the note you look back to the box and shaking a bit you wonder what it could be. Ignoring the notes warning. Examing the lock. You decide to go with curiosity and find out what's inside the box

Okay that was the rp starter. Your character is the one who finds a way to open the box. Be warned though once you look inside there is no turning back and your once normal life begins to turn for the worst as your luck turns sour. Who knows maybe you or a friend will be killed because of this new find.
Will you be able to get rid of whats inside and maybe even were it came from.

No God modding or controlling other main characters unless you are allowed. Swearing is prohibited and the bad luck in this world effects everyone the main character knows and care about and anything is game when things turn for the worse.
If you have a kid will they suddenly disappear? Or perhaps while working on a machine. Will a part come down to crush a limb or two. Who knows that is for you to decide.

1. The person with the box.
2. The boss of your work
3. Collin your friend. ((Me shadey))
And more .
This is a small town so first character is bound to know a few more people along the way so join right in and add as many characters as you want even a whole family if you wish but remember. Your good luck is gone if you know this character and your driving in for the worst.

Edited Dec 30th 2015 10:22

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Shadey - Dec 12th 2015 14:48 Were you asks your questions and pot character bio and what not

Heart this

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