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Started by gr8stplan , Oct 18th 2020 09:19

gr8stplan - Oct 18th 2020 09:19

|| VIRUS 01110011 01100101 01100011 01110010 01100101 01110100.


|| YES. ((NO.))



The date is XX/XX/20XX. No one keeps track of it anymore. It has been 5 months since the outbreak, dubbed "1011011" or, the Z Virus, has infected subject X. A project to make human military machines gone horribly wrong, resulted in the infected dead walking. The virus, first released widespread by a gas from an unknown subject, is in everyone's systems, but lies dormant until one of two things happen.

A} You get bit. The dead's saliva enters your bloodstream, and awakens the gene inside of you.

or B} You die.

It has been 5 months since the outbreak, and, you have come across a school. you have been staying here from around 2-5 months, with a about 20-30 others, attempting to survive. Some of the inhabitants that stand out to you the most, though, are -

Damien: 19. He is a bit of a recluse, never talking to anyone in the camp. most people think hes there for only the food, not protecting. he doesnt go out of his way to help anyone but himself, and doesnt dare cause harm, yet, some claim to have seen him with a violent group before.

Strade: 18. He seems to be a little too giddy about some horrible aspects of the world, but, is very loyal. makes you wonder if youd rather be left alone in a room with a walker, or him - and honestly, the answer depends on who you are.

Kyle: 20. A Sweet guy at heart, if not a little flakey. He seems to value books, plant life, and knowledge moreso than anyone else in the camp, and would probably choose a good book over most of the members there, anyway - and a bad one over the rest.

Jason: 22. a hardheaded guy who prefers to use his fists rather than his words. Its very, very easy to get into a fight with him, but, its also just as easy that he will protect you from something else. he doesnt get close to many, but, its not completely impossible.

Lucifer: His name is merely a coincidence, he swears. With his charm and wit also comes the deep haltered for those that reject their mortality. if he ever caught someone hiding something like a bite? well, lets just say, you wouldnt have to worry about them turning.

Romeo: Despite the name, he seems like anything but a lover. A charmer, or scammer, though, for sure. youve seen him hustle and help from the same people within the same night, and ruses seem to be his go to. who is really behind his mask?

and finally, you.

you are - _______(oc description/name)_________, And you are most interested in ____(character)_______.


PRIVATLY DM ME YOUR RESPONSE. This is dead dove do not eat rp, so, these men are warped. very warped - but, will love you. there will be no Non Con for clear reasons, but, i wont lie and say there wont be some dark subjects such as murder, undead, gore, etc within this. THIS IS A CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE. i have events planned in place, and depending on how your character reacts, the storyline shifts. THERE ARE DIFFERENT ENDINGS. romance is possible for all characters, but friendship is still an option. they can also hate you. you can go back on your character choice if you decide you dont like that oc of mine, BUT please dont do this 30+ replies in. any other questions, please dm me aswell. thank you so much!

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SabrinaLionheart - Feb 8th 2021 05:11

I could try? :P

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