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Started by ConfinedDespair , Nov 30th 2018 14:02

alakazamlover4 - Dec 1st 2018 17:14

i know these people and they are very good people, i don't know why they said these things to you, but in some respect, i feel they are justified, if they don't want to RP with men, that is perfectly fine
Growingfamily did over react, she should of just declined and moved on with her life...but in HER defence, you could've been the bigger man and IGNORED HER! sure her profile has some er*t*ca themes, but you had no reason to care, let the site bite her ass, it wasn't your problem until you made it your problem
you did NOT need to go threw this much over something so small, and i humbly believe you are seriously overreacting

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ConfinedDespair - Dec 1st 2018 17:23

under normal circumstances You would not be wrong

But I will again ask very nicely for my entire theme to be read, my feud with her is by far not the reason for my problem. She is just pushing that as the main topic so it is easier to believe I am a big bad.

My problems with her are by only one, rather small reason, anyhow personal and or the most range are concerns for the general usersafety and with very good reason.
If you took a look at the screenshots it would be well visible that she has absolutely nothing but hostility for the male sex.

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sweetsweetflesh - Dec 1st 2018 17:27

Sounds like your just upset she doesn't wanna roleplay with guys more than your upset about the argueably pedo-tastic nature of the profile.

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alakazamlover4 - Dec 1st 2018 17:31

Sweets right in all honesty, her profile states very clearly she does not prefer to RP with male, gives a valid reason
she was a tad aggressive but still, you toke it to fair Despair...:| what you should have done is simple;
there are profiles x100000000000000000000000000000 worse on this site! why do you care about an incest profile? from some friends who i know who are friends, have RPed with her, they say she is very through and always does time skips before it gives to the extreme sexual bites...mild kinks are down in child stage establishment but that is it...i dont need to read all of that to know its BS
plus where is your proof she does anything in real life? this is roleplaying! A FICTIONAL world! she is not breaking any laws, so your "research" is valid, but you cant get attorties (Besides site admins) invovled
where is your proof she hates males IRL? perhaps she only hates ROLEPLAYING with dudes, huh? im a dude and i wont roleplay with dudes because i like romance RPs
her profiles are clearly mainly romance, and she also clearly likes f x f so why add males?

Edited Dec 1st 2018 17:33

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ConfinedDespair - Dec 1st 2018 17:42

to be fair, from where I see it it sounds like youre that last one of her sub accounts she admitted to having.
After all, you did have me on block before this even happened and until you responded I did not mind.

And again, using a cheap strawman-tactic as well as the "but you're doing" argument. Expecting nothing else from bias.
I will repeat myself once again and for the last time. Please read everything I said rather than blindly believe what she says. She did openly admit that she relies on your bias for belief and that is in one of the screenshots too, even belittles you as brainless if you were to have any opinion that doesn't fully stand with hers.
She did say word by word "I hope people have half a brain to not believe his BS" so you even remotely agreeing with me already makes you a target of her insult.

I rest my case as proven by evidence and confession. And you say you spoke with them. Deliver proof, something visible from several people and then you can claim it to be the truth because as it stands I have proof that people don't want to associate with her because of her mindset and the way she handles things.

PS: I did tell you, check out the serie of screenshots with my past talk with her. I literally said it that I spoke to her once in an attempt to be mature about it and she bore nothing but raw hostility for me solely by being a male. AND I addressed her reason for being such as well.
Your response literally proofs you didn't read past half of the post, assuming you did read anything at all.

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alakazamlover4 - Dec 1st 2018 17:52

i blocked you because i didn't want to deal with your fricken drama and im not reading 5 paragraphs that only prove she's a bitch online...
ugh why did i even comment here...? its a waste of my efforts -_-
show me proof im this "3rd account of hers" because i only have this one account and i dont think i could handle 3

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ConfinedDespair - Dec 1st 2018 17:58

well, i don't have proof that you are, but you certainly match her pattern of behaviour.
the condescendence and the consistent -_- to show you're annoyed.
And last but not least, you're making an excuse to not read proof that answers your questions.
You asked me where is the proof that she hates men, i told you where to read and now you're just gonna shrug off that you need to read because you know there's something you can't deny.
With this, your bias towards her is proven.
Please come back once you can argue with the facts and not with your feelings.

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alakazamlover4 - Dec 1st 2018 18:12

i said where is the proof she hates men
oh and just because i say some similar things we're the same? CONCIDENCES EXIST! i don't need to read your post, i skimmed it and got the jist...ugh...this is annoying, im done here, believe whatever you want, but i will 100% confirm i have no other accounts, i blocked you because some friends warned me your dangerous, and plus i don't like male yeah, im done here, believe whatever lies you want
but you have 0 proof growingfamily hates males
she clearly does mostly romance and so she only likes to have female profiles on her friend list! THAT IS 100% done! your making no sense, im out

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ConfinedDespair - Dec 1st 2018 18:17

I have proof, you just reject to look at it because you know you cannot deny it once you see it.
She does hate them IRL And she openly stood by such, blaming one incident from the past that apparently hurt her.
Besides, You didn't read it, or even skim it, because I wrote so much about it you'd have caught on even by just skimming through.
Again, your bias lies confirmed until you actually look at the material.

And Isabella, glad you are having fun. At least someone enjoys this situation.

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