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Forum > Real Life > Bad boy/good girl anyone?

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Started by Minti , Oct 4th 2021 17:25

Minti - Oct 4th 2021 17:25

Hey all, I've been gone a while due to some mental health issues. But, I am trying to get back into roleplaying. I have a male character I'd like to try out in a bad boy/good girl type plot. As cliche as it is, I personally love those types of tropes. Here's a little bit about what I am looking for as far as RP goes.

- Anywhere from a paragraph to multiple depending on the scene
- MxF only
- Realistic face claims
- Access to discord (This isn't a must, but I think it would be nice if we could use it so we can have a more immersive experience)
- Proper grammar and spelling
- Active at least once a day (One of the reasons I prefer discord, you actually get notifications from one another)

Shoot me a friend request and heart this post if you're interested.

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