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Started by Dryant , Nov 23rd 2022 01:01

Dryant - Nov 23rd 2022 01:01

I am looking to do a long-term story-focused Supernatural roleplay. I able to write 2 paragraphs per response consistently but can write more if given enough material to work off of. I am in Pacific Standard Time, and can be quite active and quick with my responses. I have a plot in mind, and I encourage people to have their own original characters to participate;

When a cosmic event triggers a resurgence of magic, Hayden Caswell; a mysterious college student, investigates and fights against supernatural horrors. It will involve romance, intrigue, mystery and horror. You and Hayden will explore the supernatural underworld of secret societies, pocket dimensions and eldritch horrors beyond reality.

I do ask that we avoid using anime reference images, as I personally prefer to use photo model or western art images.

If you are interested in doing this sort of thing, feel free to drop me a message and we can brainstorm more in detail with each other.

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