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Started by Stubbs , Nov 22nd 2020 22:29

Stubbs - Nov 22nd 2020 22:29

Welcome welcome! Take a seat! I'll be right with you!

Now you're probably wondering where the heck you are, and honestly I wouldn't blame you. You probably were sound asleep or just wandering around on an adventure and just suddenly found yourself here in my dingy bar. That's fine, perfectly normal, so relax... you're not insane. Or you are, I don't know you exactly.

Anyways, this bar seems to exist outside of reality... sort of in the Either Between Worlds as I like to call it, so all sorts of interesting characters tend to pass through. I've seen them all at this point, and served them all drinks of varying quality (I'm working on it okay?). Plenty of folk have also tried to stir up trouble, and I've also gotten used to dealing with them too... namely a healthy blast from my WSTE-M5 Combat Shotgun. I've had years of experience, so don't try anything m'kay?

So relax! Sit down, have a drink, and chat with people. It's not like you're trapped here, all you have to do is exit through the door and you'll be back wherever you left off. There's plenty of rooms above where you can rest if you so desire, just find a free room. And if you REALLY feel like fighting... well I made a fighting arena in the back room, as well as a firing range and practice room if you want to let off some steam.

Hmm? Oh, who am I? Once upon a time I was a Security Office on the UESC Marathon... then one thing led to another and I somehow became the anthropomorphic personification of Destiny.

I think... anyways, technically my name is Mjolnir Recon number 54, but you can call me Bob.

So, what can I get you?

Welcome to my roleplay! A bar between universes, where characters of any fandom can interact! A few things to get out of the way...

1. Obviously be respectful of people. Don't be rude.

2.I would PREFER good grammar... but no one is perfect.

3. OCs and Canon characters are accepted. Play who you want!

4. Now, you CAN try and start trouble in the bar if you want... just expect to be riddled with bullets not long after.

5. DON'T fill my bar with some giant monster. Godzilla doesn't fit in here, and I'd prefer your character be able to communicate.

6. A character sheet isn't necessary, but some basic information about your character would be appreciated. A name, fandom, and a basic appearance will work.

7. You're welcome to join at anytime!

Obviously I'll be roleplaying as the Security Officer from Marathon, who is the barkeeper as well as the custodian. If you know Marathon, then you know not to mess with this man.

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Stubbs - Nov 22nd 2020 22:30

It was a slow day today...

Bob found himself whistling quietly to himself as he cleaned an empty mug for the fourth time in a row. No one had shown up for 'today' (as time was a bit... wonky here), and he found himself slowly growing bored. A rarity to be sure, but perhaps he shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth and actually enjoy the quiet. The last patron had threatened to blow up the place after all, and disposing of his corpse was unpleasant to say the least.

He stared at the large burn on the wall caused by a stray shot from his Fusion Pistol, and wondered how he was going to fix that. Perhaps another generic painting? It might spruce up the place after all.

Any further musings were interrupted by the sounds of the door opening. A customer! Finally! Perhaps the day wouldn't be boring after all!

"Welcome! What can I get for you?"


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Jabberwock - Dec 13th 2020 22:41

A woman walked into the bar. The woman had black hair and black, smudged lipstick with green eyes. The woman wore a black duster coat with a red lining inside, a black hat with a red band around it, red gloves, black and red boots, a red shirt, and black pants with Mariachi designs on the sides.

The woman had a single bandolier over her shoulder along with a Carcano rifle and a bow on her back, two semi-auto pistols in both of her black and red holsters, and a smile that seemed very...zombie-like.

The woman's name was Ursula Killian, the Undead Marksman.

The zombie woman sat down on a barstool and removed her coat and set it aside, which showed off her muscular arms. Ursula removed her red bandana, which revealed a large scar down her face and chapped lips.

"Y'all have whiskey?" Ursula said in a raspy, undead voice.

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Stubbs - Dec 14th 2020 09:59

To absolutely no surprise to the Security Officer, his first patron of the day was also undead... or at least he hoped she was undead, and wasn't just that rough looking normally.

As the undead cowgirl took a seat at the bar, Bob had to take a moment to appreciate the strangeness of a technically undead cyborg serving an undead cowgirl. It was just something he had gotten used to over the many years he's tended the bar.

"One whiskey, coming up." He said, reaching behind him to the row upon rows of bottles. One particularly ancient looking bottle of whiskey was his target.

With practiced motions and deft hands he had already pulled out a glass, slipped in an ice cube, and filled it to the brim with the amber liquid before presenting it to his latest customer.

"There you go miss. One whiskey." He said, appraising her behind his bug-like visor. "Now what brings you to my little corner of the multiverse? Been here before? Memory isn't exactly what it used to be after all."

He was only pushing... 400? Maybe? He's lost count at this point.

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Jabberwock - Dec 14th 2020 12:39

Ursula gingerly took the glass and took a small sip; after all, alcohol, in large amounts, upsets her undead stomach. Ursula cleared her throat as she set the glass down on the bar counter.

"I was wandering around with my gang, hunting some of the biggest and meanest outlaws New Austin has ever seen. I went to sleep that night and woke up outside of this here bar," Ursula said as she picked up her glass again; Ursula turned her head slightly to the left to see someone else in the bar. Her eyes narrowed as she let out a zombie-like growling from her throat, then, she quickly caught herself. "I'm sorry about that. I sometimes tend to go a know. Crazy."

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Stubbs - Dec 14th 2020 20:54

"Sounds like the usual tale then." Bob said, putting the bottle back on the shelf. Evidently she was going to be nursing that one for awhile. No point in leaving it out.

When she started growling at some of the other patrons in the bar, Bob hesitated. His hand brushed against the WSTE-M5 Combat Shotgun he kept under the counter for just such and occasion. The last thing he needed was a zombie outbreak in the bar... imagine how bad for business that would be!

Thankfully it seemed she had things... under control, for the most part anyways. He removed his hand from the shotgun's curved grip, but kept it nearby just in case. Evidently this one was a bit of a wild card.

"Uhh... please don't do anything drastic in the bar. You staying long? Got some rooms prepped upstairs if you feel like getting some rest. Time is paused outside after all."

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Jabberwock - Dec 14th 2020 23:44

"Yea. I would love a room here. I have nowhere to stay at the moment," Ursula said as she took another small sip of whiskey; she began to feel hunger claw at her stomach, but it wasn't for food, it was for human flesh. Ursula remained composed as she didn't feel like getting shot today.

"Do you serve food here?" Ursula asked, quickly distracting herself.

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Stubbs - Dec 15th 2020 20:09

"Wonderful! Got plenty of rooms available, you'll just have to find one that's unlocked." Bob said cheerfully, acting like the customer in front of him wasn't about to go on a murderous rampage.

I mean he had noticed, he'd be stupid not to... but how exactly does one keep a zombie from eating the other patrons/the bartender himself?

"Oh yeah sure got plenty of food." He pulled out a rather long and complicated menu. "I cook most of it myself, but it should fill your boots... and perhaps stop you from looking like you want to munch on my face."

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Jabberwock - Dec 16th 2020 15:15

Ursula chuckled and looked over the menu.

Ursula's eyes were drawn to the steaks, pork chops, chicken, and most of all, the fish. Ursula saw a nice looking steak.

"That steak looks really good. I'll have that."

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Ziyoou-Vachi-Kaen - Dec 17th 2020 02:07

Hastily bursting through the doors was a man in panic. He wasn't looking where he was going, seemed more occupied in confirming whether or not what he had been running from wasn't following him.

The first thing all eyes will focus on of course was his blood soaked weapon, it looked like a Buzzsaw - on - a - stick. Thick red sludge dripped off every razor sharp tooth, down the metal pole the disc was attached to, and off the man's equally bloodstained suit.

Tearing eyes away from the barbaric weapon and setting them on the man wielding it. The man stood a relatively short 5'6", pale Caucasian complexion and tinted purple hair. His hair style was swept back but he had two low ponytails. His face consisted of two large sharp eyes that were brown in color, a small nose and thin lips. Overall his head was shaped like a heart, narrow jawline and small chin. He wore only a black suit, black leather shoes, a red necktie and an arm band on his upper right arm that was red in color and only had a large letter "M" in bold. He was probably meant to look dapper and professional, but its all lost underneath the gore and blood he was covered in. Didn't help that he was panicking too.

Eyes wide and bloodshot and his pupils dilated and his brow was wrinkled in worry, sweat pouring. You can hear how tired and labored he was with every heaving breath. It wasn't until he almost rammed into the bar counter that he turned to see where he was going. His expression quickly changed from shock in fear to shock in confusion as he barely stopped short of the first barstool which hit his belly, stopping him on his tracks. Looking up to see where he was, he only became more confused. This clearly wasn't where he intended to end up. Becoming more distressed upon realizing the presence of the other two. Pushing himself away he stumbled back and brandished his weapon at the two, demanding answers. "Wuh...what? What is this? What's going on? Who are you!?" Panic dominated him, especially since the other two didn't look like they were human. His weapon revved violently, threatening to cut anything that dared to threaten its wielder into fine shreds.

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