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Started by Spade , Nov 11th 2019 19:22

Spade - Apr 10th 2022 19:36

*Solar huffs, gesturing a hoof to the shop window.*

Solar:Looks more like a bookshop if you ask me, but the name sorta hints otherwise?

*In the window, painted in cursive lettering, is the shop's name, 'Calli-literature'. The display on the other side is a mix of new and old popular book titles, along with writing supplies and a few fancy looking cards.*

Stripes:This is it!

*Heart stares at the display, a small smile creeping onto her expression after a moment.*


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SchemingWeasel - Apr 12th 2022 19:54

*Dizzy looks up to the sign then back to Heart, playfully leaning into them.*

Dizzy: I think you mean "lit".

*She looks back down again, grinning slightly.*

Dizzy: Uh... because it means cool but also because it's in the sign and short for literature...

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Spade - Apr 13th 2022 19:43

*Heart stares blankly at Dizzy for a moment before glancing at the store window. Something seems to click after a moment because seconds later, Heart looks away, trying to cover up the quiet snort that escapes her as a cough.*

*Stripes groans, running a hoof down his face.*

Stripes:Nooo.... Not writing puns.

*Stripes looks around before gesturing to a nearby bench.*

Stripes:I'm going to stay out here. I don't need to hear another rant about paper. So... I'll see you when you come back. Okay?

*Heart looks over at Stripes and nods.*

*Solar has already entered the shop.*

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SchemingWeasel - Apr 13th 2022 20:09

*Dizzy rolls her eyes but seems somewhat unbothered.*

Dizzy: Such a mood-killer. Whatevs gym-mgee, we're going to go have fun.

*With this, Dizzy enters.*

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Spade - Apr 14th 2022 12:45

*Stripes sticks his tongue out at Dizzy's retreating form, leaving him with Heart.* sure you're okay out here?



Stripes:It was only one time, Heart.


Stripes:One time.

Heart:. . . . .

Stripes:It's not going to happen again! Come on! Have some faith in me.

*Watching Stripes for a moment longer, Heart turns and enters the shop. Stripes rolls his eyes and walks over to the bench.*


*A bell chimes upon entering the shop and the smell of ink and old paper fills the air the moment you step through the door. Bookshelves line nearly every wall, chock-full of books of all sizes and genres. What little space that isn't filled with books instead holds trinkets, bookends, and writing supplies such as a jar full of quills and bottles of ink. There's a few spinning racks with a number of colorful cards. Some racks are labeled "Home-made cards".*

*A bored voice drifts out from a room, the entrance hidden by a curtain, behind the glass counter. Inside the glass counter is a number of old looking books and expensive looking writing supplies.*

???:Welcome. I'll be out in a minute so... yeah. Just do whatever. Don't steal though. I got cameras.

*Solar seems to have already found something of interest, looking through a book labeled, "Magical Theory Through The Ages".*

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SchemingWeasel - Apr 14th 2022 18:44

*Dizzy looks around somewhat amused by the emporium before she heads over to some other shelves, going through some books on alchemy. She seems to be conflicted between one on healing and another on historical weapons.*

Dizzy: Hey! Do you have anything on uhhh... Big cats back there? Ooh- Or Eldritch Horrors. That would be handy.

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Spade - Apr 14th 2022 19:32

*There's the sound of shuffling from somewhere behind the curtain before the same voice calls out,*

???:For books on big cats, look at the shelves labeled Science. For Eldritch Horrors, look on the shelves labeled for Fiction, Poetry, and Magic. There should be a few with books on summoning if you look in the Magic section. You might want to check the shelf labeled Religion, too.

*There's a sudden crash followed by muffled swearing. Solar looks up from his book in alarm.*

???:D*mn boxes... Ugh. Give me a minute.

*Heart has wandered over to the card racks, flipping through the blue ones. Her gaze occasionally wanders over to the many shelves lining the walls.*

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SchemingWeasel - Apr 14th 2022 19:45

*Dizzy glances over the books, muzzle wrinkling. She glances back over to the counter.*

Dizzy: Need any help? I'm more than happy to help pick up heavier stuff and put it away with my magic if you need.

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Spade - Apr 14th 2022 20:05

???:I got it. Just-

*There's the sould of something heavy being placed down.*

???:Give me a minute. Thanks.

*Heart looks over to Dizzy and shakes her head. Quietly, her voice just above a whisper, she says,*

Heart:She's the same way with shipments. Doesn't like help.

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SchemingWeasel - Apr 14th 2022 20:09

*Dizzy looks like she wants to say something then looks away with a painful wince, a headache ebbing on at thinking of all the timelines where the mare could in fact accept her offer of help and what would cause it and what would follow. She blinks hard, clearing her head, and shrugging, looking back to the shelves.*

Dizzy: Your loss then!

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