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Started by Spade , Nov 11th 2019 19:22

Spade - Mar 26th 2022 21:21

*Heart shrugs, but Stripes cuts in before she can open her mouth.*

Stripes:Sure! A few buildings down, I think? The owner gets...weird about paper.

*Stripes dramatically shudders.*

Stripes:I was forced to listen to a lecture about the differences between paper types once. It was horrible. All I said was, "It's just paper. What's the difference?"

*Solar has already started towards the exit.*

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SchemingWeasel - Mar 26th 2022 21:29

*Dizzy nods in agreement, though it doesn't seem she's agreeing with Stripes.*

Dizzy: Rightfully so! It's all down to chemicals and compositions and the time it takes to make too. There are huge differences! Plus, the wrong type can have a severe impact on what you use it for and how long it lasts.

*She walks to the door, following Solar.*

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Spade - Mar 26th 2022 21:39

*Stripes huffs, looking over at Heart, only to realize she's already walking to the exit. He quickly catches up, exiting right behind her.*

Stripes:It's still paper...

*Heart rolls her eyes and shakes her head.*

Heart:She has a point.... Cardboard is technically paper....

*Stripes groans.*


Edited Apr 3rd 2022 16:51

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SchemingWeasel - Mar 26th 2022 21:52

*Dizzy sends back a wicked smile to the stallion, narrowing her eyes.*

Dizzy: It's okay, not all of us can see the difference between cardboard and printing paper, Stripesy.

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Spade - Apr 9th 2022 09:22

*Stripes rolls his eyes, but smirks after a moment.*

Stripes:You can write on cardboard just as easily as you can on paper, that's all I'm saying.

*Heart deadpans at Stripes,shaking her head.* can write on almost anythin'. Doesn't mean there aren't differences. You can write on skin with ink. Doesn't mean it's the same as paper or cardboard.

*Stripes stares at Heart for a moment, brows raised slightly.*

Stripes:That... took a turn.

Edited Apr 9th 2022 09:23

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SchemingWeasel - Apr 9th 2022 18:33

Dizzy: Ooooh-! Like Dancer!

*She trots on the spot happily at this.*

Dizzy: Have you seen Dancer's tattoo? I'm tempted I'll admit but piercings hurt enough, I'm not sure I could handle being stabbed a hundred thousand times...

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Spade - Apr 9th 2022 18:48

*Solar hums to himself in thought for a moment, before saying,-*

Solar:Don't they have a cream or something you can use to numb yourself before getting inked?

*Stripes glances at Solar and nods, grinning at the Pegasus.*

Stripes:There are fake ones too. Plus there's this trick where you take a sharpie and hairspray...

*Stripes shrugs.*

Stripes:I don't remember exactly how it works. Take a right down this street-

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SchemingWeasel - Apr 9th 2022 20:52

*Dizzy seems slightly disgusted at this.*

Dizzy: Ugh, sharpie and hairspray? That's so middle school. Talk about bad-quality gateway drugs.

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Spade - Apr 9th 2022 21:02

*Heart's gaze flickers to Dizzy for a moment, her expression unreadable. Stripes catches this, frowning slightly before letting out a laugh, though it sounds the tiniest bit strained.*

Stripes:Hey! At least with sharpie it washes off eventually. You can test what colors work best instead of going in without any idea of how it'll look in the end.

*Solar, having gone up ahead, has stopped in front of a small looking shop crammed between several taller ones. He looks over at Stripes.*

Solar:Hey... Is this the place?

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SchemingWeasel - Apr 10th 2022 19:22

Dizzy: Eh. Maybe. I've got the artistic talent of a crawfish though so doubt that'd work for me.

*She looks ahead to Solar.*

Dizzy: Does it look like a card shop? If so then probably!

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