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Started by Nita2468 , Dec 13th 2022 17:11

Nita2468 - Dec 13th 2022 17:11

Hello, I go by Nita on here, pleasure to meet you all! I find it difficult to find a partner on here without the use of forums. I am not new to role playing, though I am new to this site. I have been out of the game though, meaning I will be a bit rusty. Please be patient with my progress and keep communicating how things are going with my skills. I will greatly appreciate that. Now on to what I am looking for, I am looking for a partner who is genuinely interested in the plotline and continuing a story away from the sexual exploits. I do not mind these exploits as they can be fun, but I do not want it to take over the story. I also am looking for a semi-literate to Para partner. My genres range from Ancient, Action, Comic, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Heroes/ Villians, Medieval, Real Life, Romance, Science Fiction, Supernatural. I do have a couple of Rules in my bio. Hope to hear from you!

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