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Started by Unfkins , Sep 12th 2023 18:41

Unfkins - Sep 12th 2023 18:41


It’s more fun to roleplay when you know those you’re engaging with aren’t researching everything you say to see its validity. It's all fictional, no need to be so serious.



Chat boxing is when you just talk in local without using any sort of emotion. (ie. [10:30] Brenna Morrigan: Hey, what are you guys doing?). There should always be a short action in your roleplay when one-line roleplaying. A proper example would be the following (ie. [10:32] Brenna Morrigan waves as she sees her group of friends. “Hey! What are you guys doing?”) Machine Gun RP also applies to this.


This is when you are talking over and over again before giving anyone a chance to respond. You should post one, and only one, post before waiting for your next turn.


Do not go out of order when RPing. A courtesy to RPers around you is to follow a simple order. Of course this usually does not apply in classes, for example. If wishing to join a group of RPers that are already immersed, it never hurts to IM them and politely ask the order of the RP and where you can come in.

- Understanding that roleplaying is a hobby and not a job/obligation is a MUST! We all have lives outside of this site. Some of us may be able to get on here more than some and understanding a person's online time may help you in cases where you are invested in the roleplay you both decide to start.

- Communicate! It takes no time to tell someone you won't be around or if you're losing interest in the roleplay. Ghosting someone is rude and should never be an option. We are all humans with feelings and choosing to treat someone poorly for no reason (rather you have real life issues) has no excuse. Communicate rather it's good or bad and handle all issues gracefully, respectfully and with consideration.

Roleplaying is supposed to be fun! It shouldn't be a burden so learn to read people's profiles and rules and respect other people's boundaries here so that we can protect ourselves and continue to have fun!

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