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Started by Funki , Oct 26th 2021 10:19

Funki - Oct 26th 2021 10:19

And welcome to Miniry!

A shining new free city, notable for it's welcoming atmosphere and strategic location. Situated in a key valley, required for trading between three bordering nations. Surrounded by dense forests to the east, a sprawling lake to the west, and mountains to the north and southeast.

The three guilds of Miniry are keeping various problems at bay. Those guilds are the Golden Scales; a powerful guild with a reputation for success and wealth, the Seven Daggers; a guild known for its brutal tactics and thirst for power, and the Rising Dawn, a guild that has fallen into disrepair in recent years but that is looking to make a new name for itself.

You have been offered a position in the Rising Dawn as an adventurer.

Protect the town, get free room and board... sounds easy right? Help solve the city's problems, compete with the two other guilds in town, and of course, go on a adventure or two! Rumor has it an opening to the Underdark where all manner of fiends might find their way onto the surface. The success of Miniry as a free city is in constant peril.

✧ Low tech, high fantasy theme, all levels welcome!
✧ PBP based roleplay w/ Arvae & Tupperbox
✧ West Marches style
✧ 1*8+ and LGBTQ Friendly
✧ RP & Combat events, held twice weekly to cater to different timezones

If interested in joining, please fill out the form below:
✧ Discord Username
✧ Age
✧ Time-zone
✧ Experience Level
✧ Give a RP sample in third person. Use the prompt below or get creative!

You and some guildmates are having drinks at an inn. Boom! Suddenly, a large dark figure opens the door and starts demanding everyone leave...

Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you in our little town!

Edited Oct 26th 2021 10:22

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TheBigDog - Oct 26th 2021 10:31

my discord Carnage#7605
5 years of experience
Guards were vigilating the prisioners of Manhattan Correctional Facility when sudenly they felt a strange sound from the ceilings, as the sound got luder Carnage makes his attack on the correctional

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