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Started by Theo , Sep 18th 2021 18:26

Theo - Sep 18th 2021 18:26

Just imagine walking into what seems like an abandoned, enchanted library, only to discover that it's home to a small fairy.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The earth underneath the once impressive building had eaten at the walls and the floor, leaving nothing but a few broken bookshelves surrounded by trees and overgrown vines. Overall, the place was fairly dark. The only thing that lit up the place was a group of fireflies leading their way over to a corner of the building. Damp moss was all over the area, making it quite uncomfortable to walk on.

Nevertheless, there on the ground lay a small fairy sleeping peacefully. The book that he was holding was now slightly soaked from being dropped onto the ground next to him, along with his clothes which were now damp too. The glasses that he wore were slowly sliding down his nose as he fell deeper into his slumber, unbothered by the other presence in the small space.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Come and message me to learn more about my character 'Theo.' Theo is the fairy in this short story so come and hang out with him :)

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