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Started by Theo , Sep 18th 2021 16:21

Theo - Sep 18th 2021 16:21

Hey, I'm Theo! I am looking for a roleplay partner. Long or short term. Please don't just disappear and not tell me about it or block me out of no where. It's fine if you can't answer roleplays straight away. I understand that everyone has their own lives. Also, please read my blogs, 'Rules' and 'All about Theo' before trying to add me. Thanks.

I do fantasy roleplays of almost any kind. I am particularly interested in casual fantasy roleplaying and fantasy roleplay that involves romance. I enjoy playing as a fairy and I love fairies and elven folk. I don't mind what species you play as. Humans are just as accepted as anything else. Human x Fairy roleplays are interesting to me. Just please don't use 'god mode' in our roleplays. If you have certain powers or abilities then there's usually something bad that comes with those. Please think carefully.

I don't like to primarily focus around N*FW topics. I like to have a story going on without N*FW content having to lead the story somewhere. However, I am fine with roleplaying N*FW stuff.

You don't need to prepare a roleplay idea if you don't already have one. We can discuss one together if that would make you more comfortable. I don't expect you to have a lot of ideas but it is also great if you do.

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