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Forum > Romance > Looking for an rp partner

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Started by Theo , Aug 26th 2021 09:37

Theo - Aug 26th 2021 09:37

Hey! I'm Theo and I'm looking for an rp partner. I usually do a mix of fantasy and romance, but I'm also open to trying out other things. I'm gay so if we were going to do a romantic rp then I'd prefer your character to be male. No exceptions. I'm okay with almost anything, but please ask me if you're not sure.

If you're not enjoying our rp, please tell me and we can either come up with a new rp or just drop the rp and move on with someone else.

I have a blog with my rules on and Theo's character bio so please look at those before deciding if you want to rp with me.

Thanks :)

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Janice - Oct 10th 2021 01:21

*a wild role player has apeared* hello i am looking for rp partner as well

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