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Started by luana_ , Apr 28th 2021 07:00

luana_ - Apr 28th 2021 07:00

So I've been looking for some new long term role play partner!

What I am looking for in a partner:

- as active as possible. I know everyone has a real life, but I'd love to keep a story going once it's started since I will get into it! So I would absolutely adore at least one proper reply a day.

- decent grammar. English isn't my first language neither, but I simply can't work with abstract and chaotic sentences, I absolutely don't mind wrong punctuation or something!

- creativity. I don't want to be the only one giving all the ideas. There are two people involved, so both should participate in the creative process of creating a story together. I love brainstorming ideas together, even if they are completely crazy and won't end up in the story.

- realism. Even when a story is based in a fantasy world or unrealistic setting, I prefer the dynamics between the characters to be realistic. They probably won't be all over each other right after their first shared word, so a naturally developing relationship is what I prefer here.

- honesty. Trust me, it is noticeable when someone doesn't enjoy the story or overall interaction and is just doing the bare minimum to somehow keep the contact up. If something is bothering you, just tell me. I'm also just a human and we can talk about everything that is bothering you or is making you feel uncomfortable in any way!

What I can offer in return:

-replies ranging from a few lines to novella length. I will give you what you offer:)

- quick replies and if that isn't possible, I will inform you about it!

- custom characters. The character on my blog is just the basic character I use. I will always adjust something, so it fits the sorry or even create someone completely new.

- dedication to what we are creating. If I really enjoy a story, I will constantly come up with new ideas and additions, wanting to develop our original idea further and further!

- I am relatively open to all kind of genres and ideas. I'm not too good with apocalyptic or science fiction settings, just so you know that! I love to involve some romance and build a strong relationship between the two characters, it also can be platonic if that is what you prefer

I will try to add some ideas and plots to my blog soon! Until then, I'm really looking forward to brainstorm and come up with ideas together!

Send me a friend request, heart this post or add a comment if you are interested!

Have a great day:)

Edited Apr 28th 2021 07:01

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SabotageTheAce - Apr 28th 2021 18:51

May I pm you?

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Uprising - May 20th 2021 12:54


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Kidnapping_Muse - Jan 3rd 2022 13:44

missed all this. oh well. shalom

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Riya - Jan 7th 2022 00:10

I have some ideas as well as would love to hear yours, let's talk if you would like to

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Kruel_Thidares - Jan 14th 2022 13:29

Hello, I'm willing to be your roleplaying partner. I won't confidently say that I can meet all your expectations however I'm sure to meet the most of them. I will prioritize your messages over others and will do my best to stay consistent with our roleplay and will be lucid about my real life conditions if I can't roleplay or respond I will tell you my reasons.

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