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Started by xXSassyBeautyxX , Mar 12th 2021 08:19

xXSassyBeautyxX - Mar 12th 2021 08:19

This has to be my most beloved horror video game. It had all the concepts of that typical college horror group in a bit of a horrid situation. A great cast, great story, and good jump scares. As well as quick decision making. So of course without further ado. I'm wanting to play this out. Yes I can easily handle the female cast as long as you can handle the male cast. I can also play as side characters, enemies, and create further plots and situations. Of course consequences are made from the different actions. Good and bad. ---- The role play would consist of horror of course with gore content, sexual situations within, character deaths may be determined upon situation faced, etc. So as long as you are age 1*8+. Then we're good to go on this. I'm only doing this off Discord. But you must know the characters and game fully.

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