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Started by xXSassyBeautyxX , Mar 12th 2021 08:11

xXSassyBeautyxX - Mar 12th 2021 08:11

As you can see I love fandom rps. This was one of the best video games I've role played with a unique concept to it. I enjoyed both Life Is Strange and then Life Is Strange Before The Storm. ---- My favorite character believe it or not was Rachel Amber. Followed by of course Chloe Price, and Max Caulfield. So with that stated. I'm definitely looking to do a role play that follows the story, but also is improvised within to be fun on our make of it as well. Preferred to stick with the fandom characters. But if you play as a fandom character...I'll let you be a made up one as well. As long as it doesn't mess up the flow of things. Cause the story already is solid. ----- So again if you are interested. I'm looking for either an individual interest for 1-on-1 or group basis. Wanting to do this off of Discord though. Let me know if you are interested by dropping a comment below.

Edited Mar 12th 2021 08:21

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