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Started by xXSassyBeautyxX , Mar 12th 2021 08:04

xXSassyBeautyxX - Mar 12th 2021 08:04

I would simply love to get a Resident Evil Rp going. Big fan of the video games. More so of the original Playstation Resident Evil 1-3. But I did really enjoy RE4, Code Veronica, and RE5. Heck I made my own prequel to the Resident Evil Mansion incident with having Umbrella trick college students into conducting research and then only to have them become contaminated and being the considered experiment and research.

Any who. I'm looking to do this on Discord. Either with having a group rp or individual 1-on-1 role play. Depends on the level of interest. My favorite one would be either 1-3. ---- Though Claire Redfield is my fave female character followed by Jill Valentine. Just FYI. My role plays consist of gore, drama, strong detail, sex can happen within reason, and good story that follows ever so closely to the game with a lot being improvised or stretched out. So if you can handle m*tu*e content and are very familiar with the characters and are opened to many limits. Then please contact add a comment below and let me know. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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