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Started by MelatoninStars , Feb 1st 2021 00:05

MelatoninStars - Feb 1st 2021 00:05

Hey. I'm a long running rp hobbiest looking for another literate - novela roleplayer, and I have something comical in mind.

Its an adventure rp that takes place in a strange and dreamlike world build filled with all things fiction. A kind of dream world like fantasy if you will. The story would most likely consist of bizzaro fiction like humor, with a satirical and sometimes cursed kind of flavor. The plot I'm looking to use is below.

"In a far away land where grocery shopping means going on D&D quests, two roomates have to venture yonder from their apartment and aquire the many fine ingredients to make the worlds greatest college chilli. The sands of time (which is really just ground cumin), red bean of the acient Mayan king's tomb, a can of Old Haggie's Hexing Tomatoes (now discontinued), Blessed Tofu from the Shonen Region, Jack Al Lanterns pumpkin, corn from an alien invaded corn maze, a bottle of pirate IPA, and one sexy pepper."

I have an oc in mind for this plot. If this one doesn't take the cut, I can always use another.
I also have no specific parings in mind.

But I also have rules, here.
If its not obvious from the link above, I am not willing to include dark themes. I don't find entertainment from other peoples tragedies, health issues, or any other global issue.

Edited Feb 1st 2021 00:14

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