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Started by MelatoninStars , Jan 29th 2021 23:31

MelatoninStars - Jan 29th 2021 23:31

Hello. I'm looking for a human to go along with my merfolk OC, Rowan. Preferably female, its fine if you aren't in real life.
You can find Rowan's template here.
My profile pic I currently have on right now is him.

Looking for some good long drawnout story. Romance is welcome but will not be the main focus. This will also be a kink free rp, so please don't fetishize him.

He comes with specific plots, If you wish to use any from me. If you think you have better ones or want to make a new one together, I'm open to the idea.

I also have rules. Please read them.

If you are still interested after reading all these, aspecialy the rule blog, give the rule blog a like and ask me something you wish to know more about Rowan or anything else in the comments here, before sending in requests. This will let me know if you want to rp this and why you might be send me a request ahead of time. This part is important. Think of it as a password. I will be able to tell if you skim this part of the blog.

Note: I am not interested in rping with any talking animals. Please stop trying to add me with those requests. If you are unable to view mt profile, this means you are ether blocked for harassment or spam. I'm not going to plat these games.

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MelatoninStars - Feb 15th 2021 13:26

No, but there was one rp where he did get legs on occasion by some other means.

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RiverFalcon - Feb 21st 2021 04:30


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MelatoninStars - Feb 21st 2021 16:02

You haven't read the full blog. The deal is off.

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