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Forum > Romance > Bad Boy X Farmers Daughter (Bad Girl x Farm Boy)

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Started by EllaBrothers , Dec 16th 2019 22:15

EllaBrothers - Dec 16th 2019 22:15

A troubled city boy gets sent off to a ranch for the summer to get straightened out on his behavior. But, along the route of getting disciplined and whipped into shape, the rancher's daughter peaks his interest. She is a casual, sheltered girl with an innocent look to her, although she is tough from farm work. But, even though the boy begins to take a liking to her, her father won't ever let them be alone and is always watching them, so drama can unfold.

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Hero_ft - Dec 17th 2019 10:03

I’d be up for this

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EllaBrothers - Mar 11th 2021 23:11


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